600W electric bike kit controller with display e-bike kit suitable for 500w and 750w

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This electric bike kit 500 W /750 W controller set on sale is including controller,    Power cord adapter for bullet connector 500mm,display,throttle ,e-brake and PAS .

The e-bike controller set can use on several mode:Pedal assistant drive,throttle,and both pedal&throttle.Assistant mode has 0-5 levels.

Hall brake is using EABS version electric brake,it can brake the motor through the throttle,the harder push on throttle and there will be greater brake on motor.The controller set is also including a electric lock for prevent the stolen of e-bike.

Here is default cable layout.

Power cord adapter for bullet connector 500mm

Controller Specifications:

Voltage : 36 V/48 V

Wattage :500 W /750 W

Current :28 Amp

Lower volts :30 V/42 V

500 W/ 750 W controller

With handle bar LCD display

handle bar lcd display

The display shell is made with ABS material,the screen itself is made from stalinite which makes the display very robust and longer using life.

Display the speed,assistant level,battery capacity,error code,ODO,trip,light and single riding time.

Setting is including battery power button,front light button,6 km/h walking,wheel diameter setting,Max speed setting,sleep time,back light and voltage setting.

LCD display handlebar

C965 display 800S

Bafang display

 Display M5



 Display P9

12 magnets PAS

pedel assistant sensor PAS

Wuxing twist throttle/thumb throttle

Wuxing electric brake lever

wuxing brake

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