L513 Battery connectors 5 pin waterproof connectors for e-bike system

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5 pin battery connectors.this battery connectors is designed with waterproof&screw- locking capacity,with 2-pin main power wires and 3 pin signal wires,for communication with battery BMS system.

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The parcel is including one cable which is Male one side and female another, cable length L=1000mm.

5pin battery connector




Temperature Range:-25℃~+80℃

Rated Voltage: 36 V/48 V/60 V/72 V DC /60 V AC

Rated Current:25 A signal: 5A

Contact Resistance:≤10 mΩ

Insulation Resistance:≥20 MΩ

Terminal Material: Copper Alloy(Gold Plated)

Protection Level: IP 65-667

Contact Durability: 3000 times

Wire Specification:0.34 mm²+ 4.0 mm²/2.0 mm²

 battery communication connector


ebike battery connector

Custom cable length.For more design please contact us email:Motowoks@hotmail.com

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