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Waterproof connectors 2pin to 9pin signal

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 Waterproof connectors

  • This is a third generation of waterproof quick disconnect wire connectors,it is designed based on generation II.Which makes a different shape connectors.Can be used in conditions which needs the connector samller size but with same current capacity and blind mate conditions.It has 2 wire waterproof connector,3 wire waterproof connector,4 wire waterproof connector,5 wire waterproof connector and 6 wire waterproof connector,8 wire waterproof connector,9 wire waterproof connector.With rated 2Amp current the 2 pin connector can be only +/_ 2 pin wire conncetor,and 3 pin waterproof connector can be +/_ and signal or 3 pin amp connector or 3 pin charger connector.The 4 pin connector types would be more applications as it has 4 prong connector.Same condition like 5 pin cable connector and 6 pin w connector,it also has 8 pin waterproof connector and 9 pin waterproof connector.Which can be used with 8 prong cable and 9 prong cable for waterproof quick connectors.With IP66 waterproof capacity,the water resistant electrical connectors/waterproof quick connectors can be an ideal choice for GPS tracking gps cable connector and outdoor cable connector,also a good choice for ebike controller connectors.It can be designed with Y splitter and extension cable.

waterproof cable connector LED light and ebike,2pin and 9pin

After placed an order successed please contact us and tell us what length and specification you need Via:Motowoks@hotmail.com.Each order includes 50pcs Qty.


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LED light connector waterproof


Customized cable length and style.

This  waterproof connector can be used for connecting electric bicycle drive system and including controller and display&brake lever&throttle as well as batteries.With waterproof/normal connector and very robust quality.It can also used for GPS as well as medical system etc.

Passed many certificates, very durable and high quality, extremely long using life.





Temperature Range:-25℃~+80℃

Rated Voltage:48 V DC /60 V AC

Rated Current:2 A

Contact Resistance:≤10 mΩ

Insulation Resistance:≥20 MΩ

Terminal Material: Copper Alloy(Gold Plated)

Protection Level:IP 65-66

Contact Durability:200 times

Wire Specification:0.14mm²+0.20mm²


Custom cable length.For more design please contact us email:Motowoks@hotmail.com

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