Bafang 8fun BBS02 kit 500 W middle motor kit crank motor for DIY

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Bafang BBS02 500 W middle motor kit for DIY.
No bike frame change needed,No motor acknowledge needed,No extra parts needed,No long time install needed.Just package the parts on bike in 1-2 hours.

bafang bbs02 500w mid motor kit


Rated voltage(DCV) 36/48
Rpm(r) 113/118
Max torque(N.m) 80
Efficiency(%) 80%
Pedal sensor Speed
Shaft standard JIS
Weight(kg) 6.5
Noise Grade(dB) <55
Operating temperature -20-45 degree
Speed(km/h) 38
Reduction ratio 1:21.9
Magnet poles 16
IP 65
Certifications CE/EN 15194/Rohs
Salt spray test standard(h) 96
Size(mm) 208 x 159 x 110
Bottom Bracket(mm) 68




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1 Bafang middle motor(with integrated controller) 1
2 C 965 display 1 Default
2.1 C 961 display 1 Option
2.2 850 C color display 1 Option
3 eBrake lever pair
4 Thumb throttle 1
5 Chainwheel&cover 46T 1
6 Cranks 1
7 RPM sensor 1
8 EB-BUS cable 1
9 Nuts 1


bafang bbs02 36v500w crank motor kit
This is Bafang BBS02 500 W system,the package is including motor/LCD display(or color LCD display)/integrated controller(3077 Mozs)/pedal assistant sensor/170 mm cranks a pair/chain wheel&guards/electric brake lever/thumb throttle(accelerator)/necessary wires/necessary nuts and screws,you don’t need anything else to install this kit to your bike.
Besides it is very easy to install,only fits the parts,fasten cables and plug the connectors,it doesn’t acquire any technical electrical acknowledge,it doesn’t need to change anything of your bike like soldering&welding frames neither,whole procedures is as simple as 123.If you really don’t want to assembly it you may let the local bike shop to help you to do that.
Bafang design this motor with standard 68 mm bottom bracket size,it can be used on 68 mm bike,it can also be used on 73 mm bike if your BB is longer than 73 mm then you will need a BBSHD system.After assembly the kit,first thing is to turn on the ON/OFF button on display,select assistant level 1-3 or 1-9,then pedal and go.You can also just put the thumb throttle lever to make yourself run.The motor has 80 N.m torque and top speed of 25 km/h-38 km/h,very powerful and ideal force for mountain climbing and Triking. What’s more,Bafang design this BBS02 500 W motor with ZERO drag feeling,for example,when your battery runs out of power,riding your e-bike is same thing with riding your bike,you can hardly feel anything different when pedaling this motor,not like a hub motor which feels resistance or drag feeling when battery runs out.Also this Bafang BBS02 500 W motor is fully waterproof(IP 65),means you can riding this motor in water conditions like heavy rain or on humid mountains.

 BBS manual

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