Bafang RM G360.500.DC rear drive motor 500W cassette

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This Bafang RM G360.500.DC rear drive motor 500W cassette ebike motor, which is compatible with the disc brake inner rotor, has a rated power of 500W, a reduction ratio of 1: 12.8 and a maximum torque of 50 N.m, providing ideal power for vehicles. This motor is suitable for
touring bikes, commuter bikes,city bikes and mountain bikes. It can be black 

ebike motor


Voltage(DCV) 48 V
Wattage(W) 500 W
Speed(Km/h) 25-32
Torque(N.m) 50
Weight(Kg) 4.1
RPM(r/min) 210-380
Reduction ratio 1:12.8
Open size(mm) 138
Noise degree(dB) <55
Salt Spary test(h) 96
Spokes 13 G/36 spokes
Free wheel Cassette
Hall sensor Yes
Speed sensor Yes
Construction Geared
Color Black
Position Rear
Brake Disc brake
Certificate CE/RoHS
Motor Cable 9-pin bafang waterproof connector


This is brand new Bafang 500 W hub motor resale from Motowoks,the Bafang RM G360.500.DC motor is geared structure with 500 W power,up to 50 N.m max torque with average speed speed 25 km/h-32 km/h.

The Bafang 500W motor electric bike motor is applied with inner rotor,the nylon gears inside of motor however can hold 100 N.m torque,many customers knows that the nylon gears are easy broken parts,in this aspect nylon gear strength is the key point for the quality of motors.

rear drive


Motor cable length L 1=250 mm,extension cable length is L 2=500 mm.Leadtime is about 7-9 days for production.

The 500W hub motor shaft material is 45 Cr # which is much stronger than other 45# shaft.Also the motor aluminium case painting is more durable when using.

Using a higo 9-pin connector with 1.2 mm^2 wires this Bafang 500 W hub motor electric bike motor is not a problem for 30 Amp max motor currency,we will send a female end matching connector together with motor,the matching cable can connect with your exiting controller as well as Bafang standard controller.

With a powerful torque and speed,durable quality this motor is very suitable for mountain climbing,long distance triking as well city bike.

To combine with a battery,a 48 V lithium battery with 8.8 Ah-14 Ah would be an ideal choice for this Bafang hub motor,it can use with downtube battery as well as rear pack battery,the battery cells can use LG/Samsung/Panasonic/Sanyo,but due to the big power of motor,in order to protect the battery as well as a good riding experience,the battery BMS should be over 30 Amp currency limit.

This bafang hub motor RM G360.500.DC rear drive motor with cassette body is compatible with any good controller brands,but we suggest Bafang controller/LIshui controller/Kunteng controller etc good quality controller to fit.For display it meets any brands display on the market.

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