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This is KN95 gauze mask from bag is including 10pcs. Anti virus 2019-nCoV and dusts.

We will send masks within 2days after payment,and we don't use ePacket or EMS,instead we choose the fast delivery via DHL/UPS/Fedex,you will have the masks in 5-7days after shipping.

KN95 masks 

gauze mask KN95 facial

Chinese Tips from virus war :
1.Do not go out ,do not go to place with many people.stay home.
2.When necessary going out, wear mask,when entering in elevator,do not use finger to press button or pull the car door.using gloves or papers anything.
3.When go back home, spray alcohol to your shoes and shoes bottoms ,throw your gloves
4.Wash your face and hair , spray alcohol to your hand.
5.When staying at home, pls use alcohol pads to rub your phones.kill virus usually.
6.pls keep warm ,do not catch cold.