QSmotor 205 V3 3000w hub motor ebike motor

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The QS V3 205 3000w motor is Disc brake with rated 3000w power and MAX6000w power,speed range from 32km/h-90km/h.With single speed freewheel 154mm open size and 7S freewheel 200mm open size.Has 2pcs hall sensor connectors one for normal use another for backup.

 QS 205 3000W


Voltage(DCV) Rated 72V(can use voltage range 48V-72V)
Wattage(W) 3000W/MAX6000W
Speed(Km/h) 32km/h-90km/h
Torque(N.m) 180
Weight(Kg) 15
Currenct 45Amp rated,MAX80Amp and Peak100Amp(72V)
Brake Disc brake
Open size(mm) 160mm/200mm
Wire diameter 10mm²
Stator holder material Aluminium
Spokes 3.4mmx36 spokes
Position Rear
Hall sensor Dual with 1pcs use and 1pcs backup
Magnet width 50mm
Stator size 205mm
Magnet type 32pcs 4mm curved magnets SH 150° degree heat resistance
Freewheel Single speed/7S
Brake Disc brake
Working temperature Inside motor max working temperature 70°-120°
Motor Cable Standard high power connector 3+5wiresx2
Temperature sensor Optional default KTY83/122


QS motor v3


 24x5T 650RPM  72V  60km/h 26'

 30x4T 820RPM  72V  80km/h 26'

 40x3T 1110RPM 72V  100km/h 26'



QS 3000w V3 turbo


QSmotor Motor curve

QS3000w test curve

QSmotor Datasheet

QSmotor datasheet 3000w

QSmotor datasheet

The V3 turbo QSmotor is supplied with curved magnets 32pcsx4mm which efficiency up to 90%,with enhanced motor wires(10mm²) and high temperature resistance winding the motor can burden 100Amp max current,what's importantly that the QSmotor can used with wide range voltage from 48V-120V without influence the motor performance.

Dual hall sensor

qsmotor v3 50h

Paking dimension:34cmx34cmx33cm

Motor cable length L1=800mm-1150mm.Leadtime is about 7-12 working days for production.

With a powerful torque and speed,durable quality this motor is very suitble for mountain climbing,racing.

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